Ja Lee Productions Entertainment, LLC.

...bringing Entertainment and Promotion to the next level

Michael and Janice Lee

Ja Lee Productions is the brain child of Janice and Michael Principato. They both have many years experience in entertainment and feel that they have what it takes to bring your event to its fullest. Michael grew up in the entertainment mecca of New York City. He started performing magic at the young age of nine years old, then at thirteen got his first major break as a mall illusionist. Michael also worked in movies and TV and has also performed in some off off Broadway plays. Michael also took his illusion show on the road at the age of seventeen performing through-out the US, Canada, Mexico, and the Bahamas. While working some corporate gigs, Michael worked with a company that was only grossing $600,000 a year and suggested to the owner that he could help. Without any knowledge of the craft and toy industry Michael brought that company to a 3.2 million dollar company in under two years.

Janice, has been working in marketing for twenty-five years and in entertainment for over twenty years. Janice worked for marketing companies and retail in the Cincinnati area. She has performed on stage as Michael's illusion assistant and as a puppet in their spiritual show "Magic With a Mission". Janice has also been Michael's manager/agent for the past twenty years. She works with the venues making sure that the venues have what they need and Michael has what he needs to put on a top notch show for the venue. Together Janice and Michael work wonderful together to bring the most value to each and every venue.